I'm trying to keep in tune with the future of automotive evolution and stay the course of performance minded alike, and I'm looking at the FRS/BRZ chassis in particular... I have a theory, and it's only a goofy theory but hear me out...


I can see how the placement of the engine so low and far back could be a problem for future development of a traditional axle-shaft driven AWD variant so I'm proposing either wheel mounted, or more likely Mazda-esque "offset wheel-mounted electric motors" for the front end in a hybrid configuration, giving most of its power and energy during acceleration to assist the gasoline engine... you wouldn't need to add a whole lot more power to the gas engine to make it something admirable, and by adding an electric assist to it you wouldn't need to give me a forced induction model to make the power I was expecting. You wouldn't need massive amounts of battery storage taking up weight if it were only used during acceleration, right?

Then if ya did go bonkers for a blower all the better for performance AND economy by reducing displacement to around 1.6 liters, adding the turbo or supercharger and then throw in the sparky assist....making it a HAWDT, for Hybrid All Wheel Drive Turbo.


I think that idea is making me hawdt in funny places.

Hey Subaru, are you listening? Gimme a sparky AWD BRZ please. Talk to Mazda, they got a cool offset wheel-mounted motor you could use...

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